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    Thanks. There is ,stamped steel part tgat is in the slide to extract the 22lr rim. So like to keep it somewhat clean.
    Had the pistol since 1980 think it was made 1978 but had it since new.
    Way back when broke that part but was told it was the High Vol ammo. Or that part was maybe just detective.
    But just the same Colt said target or standard vol only.
    The days of 12 to 15 buck match and target bricks have past lol.

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    New CCI quiet semi auto

    Quote Originally Posted by flamatrix99 View Post
    Mine is different then yours unless the changed the labels. I have a custom 10/22 and a couple Walther P22s that I shoot 22LR though.

    Yeah, they are the same round, new wrapper.
    I also highly recommend the CCI subsonic segmented HPs for small game. They pack a nice punch.
    Gotta love those little Walthers!
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    Contrary to popular belief, a head shot is not necessarily a guaranteed kill shot....but it sure does take the fight out of 'em.

    and if one in every 100,000,000 M&M's contained enough cyanide to kill a person, the Mars candy company would be forced by public outcry to correct it

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