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    Gloss instead of matte variable power scopes

    Iím needing two scopes for older traditional blued rifles. Wanting something in the 2-7 or 3-9 power range. Any manufacturer(s) still making the high gloss scopes anymore? Iíd also buy used from members here but really donít wanna buy older scopes off Fleabay.
    What are the best options?
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    Leupold would be the only one I can think of.

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    Leupold and Burris still make gloss scopes. You can find Redfield scopes now and then on LouisianaSportsman. Check feedback on FleaBay and buy from reputable sellers. You'll be surprised what you can find if you're patient, and ready to jump on it when you find it. All the best in your search !!!

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    I’d try for an older Leupold Vari-X or even the higher end Redfields. I’ve seen a few go in the $100 range and under at times. Even if they’re 25 years old you know you’re getting quality. eBay, Guns America and local classifieds.
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    I've got a couple older Leupold gloss scopes tucked away, I'll dig them out and check the powers.

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