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    Single Stage Reloading Press

    Looking for a single stage reloading press for general duty sort of stuff. I have a Lee but it's not very robust. Looking for something more heavy duty.
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    Still looking.
    ​"If you come to a fork in the road, take it."

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    No sir, I ain't.

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    If you have one of the Lee "O" type presses, it'll work just fine. People tend to think they "need" more than what they have. Companies know that when marketing.

    Point of my post: Just use what you got, make ammo, and go shooting. IF you find a good deal on something better, great. Now you can have one press set up for one operation and another set up for a different operation.

    This fella is probably more serious about shooting than most... he likes really expensive glass... What press does he use to load ammo for first shot hits at distances further than you can see?

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the advice Gus. Always appreciated.

    I also subscribe to the "don't overkill" theory. Leaves more $$$ for powder and projectiles. The Lee press I have now is a step or two down from the press he's using in the video. It's a "C" frame press and it's just not sturdy enough for some of the things I need it for, like swaging 5.56 brass. The rod also sticks in the bore after a few dozen strokes and you have to take it down and clean it thoroughly. Lubing makes it worse. I've got a Forster but the spring loaded shell holder setup doesn't work for some of the things I want to do.

    I was told I'd have multiples of a lot of different things when I got into reloading some years ago. I called BS. I was wrong.

    Thanks again.
    ​"If you come to a fork in the road, take it."

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