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Thread: Class act here.

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    Class act here.

    I learned to drive on a 6 cylinder car no power anything 3 on the tree 4 wheel drum brakes
    When you had to really drive the car I could not even think of how kids today could drive a car like that and use the "Phone"

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    What a dumbass. Havenít seen or driven a 3 on the tree in about 25 years.

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    Lol, feel bad for the old man though.

    Happened a few years ago here, Dude stole the keys from a gal in Lowes parking lot, Couldn't handle the stick shift.

    Police caught him walking down the highway.
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    A prison tat of the shift pattern on the back of his hand might help but that dumba$$ would get it on his left hand. I Can't help him with the extra pedal.

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    I had that happen to a client about 20 years ago in Lakeview. They car jacked her, left her at a redlight. They made it about a block, then dumped it on a curb!
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