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    Need Winchester 296 Powder help

    I have a bunch of 296 powder that I want to use to load mid-range 44-mag ammo. I know that 296 is usually used for full-power loads and can be finicky in reduced loads. I'll be loading 245 gn SWC and welcome any guidance regarding how low a powder charge I can get by with. I'd rather not go through the trial and error method and getting bullets stuck in my barrels. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Just use a mag primer and do not go below min listed charges.
    All listed are safe as they have been tested.

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    Get some Titegroup for low to mid range loads and save the 296 for magnum loads. 296 has to be loaded to 95% maximum loads.

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    Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciated.

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    296 is Sloooooooow Blows flames out my 357 and 44Mags.
    Many years ago at Shooters Club when they had 4 lanes on David Drive I shot my 44 after my single six. Then the guy in the lane next to us thought my gun blew up!
    When we shot the six he says tells me that.
    I asked him if he wanted to try it he was all smiles.
    Kevin the manager said everyone was looking threw the glass window to see. And then asked if it was a rental LOL!
    They were full boatloads I wanted to get rid of the fun way.

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    I think that you are treading on dangerous ground here, if you need a midrange load, try a different powder. Save the 296 for full power hunting loads.

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