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    I will give you both some hope. If China crushes the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong like they did in Tianimin Square (by shooting and killing them; not to mention running them over with tanks and trucks), and the Western Hemisphere and All nations of Europe and Asia (other than Russia, and a few worthless theocracies and dictatorships), don't stand united at soundly rebuking and isolating the Chinese leaders into ouster, I would be shocked. The people of Hong Kong were promised a stand alone democracy would remain after the British transfer. It was well established and written into the treaty. If that agreement can be swept away just because, then we can pretty much kiss everything else good bye.

    If they don't stand against it, it doesn't bode well for us.

    As a side note, you see how the Chinese Communists (the real ones over there), are labeling the pro-freedom protestors terrorists? Sounds like these scumbag democrats over here! These Chinese in Hong Kong are backed in the corner. It's do or die time for them. Sadly, they are unarmed too! But at least they are willing.

    BTW, Bang; driving is a privilege here because cars were not yet invented during the drafting of the Constitution, but you are free to roam the country on a horse or afoot. The Supreme Court has ruled that an ID is NOT a mandate, but you need an ID to vote?!? The states that have enacted "Unconstitutional" laws as you say, get overturned in time; or they are not "Unconstitutional."
    By that logic AR15s weren’t invented then either. Cars and AR15s are both a means to exercise a right not an actual right. See how easy that is?

    Pick your favorite state and just go to walking along highways eventually you will be stopped. Then be the guy walking with no ID and see how interesting things get. Take it one step further and exercise your 2A. You could be a YouTube sensation. While you legally don’t have to carry ID most states require you to identify yourself when stopped. Without a ‘government sanctioned ID’ that could be a problem.

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    So does anyone else think that letting the government "fix" the problem of mass shooters only encourages more of the same problem?
    Or put another way. Is the government only doing those things that actually end up causing the same activity in the long run? (empty out the mental hospitals, release the criminals, get kids hooked on prescription meds that alter their personalities, etc.) Then just sit back and point to problems that you and your colleagues created in the first place, to propose solutions to fix. Now I did it I sound like a total lunatic on a gun forum. Ooopsie

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    Maybe starting a massive war would help in getting people off balance in this country and focused in a war posture. This would give more power to the federal government and encourage the left and right to focus to a common goal of national unity. If only there was a rallying cry or a large event that took place that would make this possible. Not a conspiracy theorist. Just asking questions to provoke some thought.

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