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    Jeep Restoration / Help Wanted !!! Need welder and paint and body man

    Good morning. Iíve gotten to the point on my Jeep restoration where I need some help with welding a 1 foot by 1 foot patch panel (completely flat patch, no tricky contours) and a few other small items I need welded to the body. I also am getting close to the point of starting the body work and paint so I need help in this respect also. So with that being said, please see my help wanted ad below. I am not trying to nickel and dime this as I will pay a fair price for good work. I want good work, not cheap work.

    1). In need of a professional welder who can weld 18 gauge sheet metal. I need a 1íx 1í patch panel welded in and also a few small areas on the body that need some welding work done to it. You can either come to my shop (I have a good welder on site) which is located south of Plaquemine off of Hwy 1 or I can bring the body to you as I have it mounted to a rotisserie. I am willing to drive a reasonable amount of distance to have the work done.

    2) Need a professional or damn good part time body and paint man to do body work and then paint the Jeep. The Jeep is 99. 9 percent rust free. The two front fenders have a very small and I mean very small amount of damage that needs attention. The body will then have to be sanded, primed and painted. We can either set up a temp paint booth at my shop or I can bring it to your shop. Iíve seen people set up the booth on site and have very good results. The bottom of the jeep will not need paint as Iíve already done this. You will be painting the exterior, interior, wheel wells, hood, two front fenders, windshield, and tailgate. I want a few coats of color and then clear coat. I do not need a 5000 dollar paint job as this is not a show car. It will be a driver so if it gets a scratch here and there in the future I can live with that. Like I said above , I am willing to pay a fair price for your work and want good work.
    Please contact me by text or phone at 225-978-2403. Iíll also feed you if you do the work at my shop. I am very easy to work with, but do expect people to show up on time and do what they say they are going to do. Appreciate your time and Iíll post some pics this weekend of what I need done to the jeep.

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    Someone needs to hook a brother up. I know someone is out there that wants this work. I’ll also sweeten the deal with some honey.

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    Get with Philip at searchers 4x4 excellent man to do business with

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