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    What's your bedside / home defense gun?

    Curious as to what ya'll have within arms reach when things go bump in the night. For me, it's a Glock 17 on the nightstand with an extra mag lying next to it. Everything else is locked up in the safe and not readily accessible. I go back and forth whether this is enough and if I should also have a long gun in the room.

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    S&W 6906 and Kimber Crimson 3" 1911 with 45acp HXP

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    AR carbine with .223 Hornady hunting rounds.
    Has a surefire light and a Sig red dot.
    Sighted in at 15 yards.
    I figure that a long distance shot is likely not a legal one but I sure can eliminate a close-in threat.
    Semper Ubi Sub Ubi

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    everything is locked up at home, but many safes with glocks in it for quick access from just about anywhere

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    Crimson trace judge with 5 shots of 3" buckshot.

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    Glock and HK pistols loaded in several locations with plenty loaded magazines. One on my person unless sleeping or in the shower and have several available within reach then.

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    ̶R̶e̶m̶i̶n̶g̶t̶o̶n̶ ̶T̶a̶c̶-̶1̶4̶

    I threw all of my guns into the Gulf of Mexico after I realized all that I need is a phone, and 911 to keep me safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noob View Post
    everything is locked up at home, but many safes with glocks in it for quick access from just about anywhere
    Keep in mind that if you really needed it, you probably will not be able to open up a handgun vault. Now for a "war story".

    Long ago in a galaxy far far away (30 years ago in another state) the wife insisted on keeping her 9mm in a handgun vault bolted to the nightstand on her side of the bed. It was the type that you are supposed to put your hand on it and it would open, and under ideal conditions it always opened up on the first try. I kept the Colt 357 on my nightstand right next to my glasses. Note that even with no children, the wife was always hounding me how unsafe this was. One morning about 1:30 or so, a punk kicked in the front door. Wife tries to unlock her handgun vault, and it won't open. I grabbed the Colt as the intruder enters the bedroom and fire off two shots. Both hit (gut shots) despite still being half asleep, in the dark, and not wearing my glasses. Wife is still trying to open up her vault.

    I called 911 and said to send the police and an ambulance as the suspect was down. Wife is still trying to open up her vault. The ambulance arrived in four minutes (I was still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher), however they refused to enter until after the police had secured the scene. The Police arrived after seven minutes, I opened the cylinder on the Colt and handed it to the police officer. Wife is still trying to open up her vault.

    Medics bundled up the suspect and transported him to the hospital with police escort. Police want to see the wife's weapon to see if it had been fired. She still can't get the damn vault open. Police getting pissed that she "refuses" to show them her pistol. About an hour later she finally calmed down enough that she could finally get the damn vault open!

    Turned out the punk was wanted in two other home invasions where the homeowners were killed. He was tried and convicted for the first break in (both husband and wife were killed) and got two life sentences (served consecutively) without parole wearing an ostomy bag. The second break in & murder was held just in case he ever gets out, my break in never went to trial.

    Seven minutes for the police to arrive and a handgun vault that won't open. The landlady was upset over the stain on the carpet. And no, I never got the Colt back!

    If you do what your enemy expects, you will die.

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    Gun vault by bed side... there’s always one in there for the wifey cause these are my 2 dedicated cc rigs, so when I grab one there’s alway one locked cocked and ready to rock

    Glock 43 w/Trijicon hd/xr 124+p hst
    Glock 19gen4 w/Trijicon hd/xr 124+p hst

    Or I case I watch a scary movie

    Psa 10.5” sba3 pistol with enforcer light, aimpoint pro and silencerco omega
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    Hmmm never had a issue with my gun vault... I have opened it 1/2 asleep quite a few times for the bump in the night to only find a dog or something silly ... but like anything electrpnic it can fail I guess, and with 3 little kiddos it’s a chance I will have to take I guess... but then again 30 year old gun vault technology was prob lacking what it is today.. I’ve had mine for 10 years or so and not bolted to anything, so it can be put in the living room ect
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