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    Jeffrey Epstein found dead in jail, officials say

    hmmm with this fella being in suicide watch, how did this happen???? oh yea he said he was gonna rat on a couple congress men, judges, foreign diplomats, and oh yea the big whammy BILL CLINTON... anybody and everybody that has anything to do with the Clintons is now dead lol... and all the news can talk about is that everybody is worried about a civil suit to get his money... nothing about a federal millionaire prisoner that was gonna testify against powerful people on suicide watch kills his self huh , this is about like the fella who committed suicide from the Clintons early years by shooting his self in back of the head 2 times... maybe they can call there old corner up again..
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    Maybe they can have Jelly write the suicide note.
    Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don't.


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