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    I still have my Clinton era AR15. A 20 inch H bar Colt with no Bayo Lug.
    And ,little Colt 4x scope the wing nuts to the carry handle. Grabbed it since ghere was gonna be a Ban.
    And a Colt SP1 Car15 with 1-12 twist barrel.
    I grabbed then both when I was told no more of them for the general public was going to be coming soon.
    On a side note I was looking at some movie the other night.
    They showed an old pickup from behind it had a bumper sticker that said they will take my gun from my cold dead hand or something like that. And there was a hand and wrist on the ground with a pistol in it detached from a body.
    Made me laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apachegunw View Post
    Personally, I think there will be a civil war if things get too pushy with gun control ideas. There's already a lot of talk about it. The government even went so far as to run simulation scenarios to see what the results would's not pretty but it seems the right would win the war fairly easily.

    I started stock piling some in the Clinton admin.......but got pretty serious with it during Obama's time. I've got enough to last me quite awhile unless there were to be a wide spread civil war type thing break out.

    Agree with you %100. Watching red dawn or not in my opinion itís inevitable that something is gonna happen just a matter of when.

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bangswitch View Post
    I may be a little slow but what box?
    The box your thinking seems to be confined to. Just a friendly joke.
    Iím glad you got it all figured out tho. Iím sure weíll all be just fine.
    Doesnít play well with TROLLS...

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    I'm stockpiling range ammo so I don't have to give up shooting if ammo triples in price or becomes scarce

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magdump View Post
    The box your thinking seems to be confined to. Just a friendly joke.
    I’m glad you got it all figured out tho. I’m sure we’ll all be just fine.
    I definitely don’t got it all figured out. I’m not sure why you say I think inside some box, but that’s fine if you think so.

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    I figure that it's a good idea to always have on hand a healthy supply of all your shooting needs -- primers, powder, brass, etc. -- because you never know what market forces or world events might come into play. I'm old enough to where I can remember shortages through the years that were totally unrelated to gun-control efforts.

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