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Thread: .257 IMP rifle?

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    .257 IMP rifle?

    Good evening everyone,

    Recently picked up a decent shape CR Pederson custom rifle with a mauser action from a friend, been having trouble finding much info on it. But from my understanding CR Pederson was a custom shop, and is actually now closed so not much can be found on it. Would like to run across someone who knows something about CR Pedersen and their work.

    after scrounging the interwebs, I also found different things about the cartridge this rifle is chambered in. Supposedly standard .257 Roberts works in this rifle but the *imp* stands for improved, which leaves me to assume someone was a hand loader, and had this rifle made for the .257 Roberts/Ackley IMPROVED cartridge. Kind of like .223 Wylde in relation to standard .223/5.56?

    Not much of a handloader so all the info from above is Chinese to me. If anyone has any input or knows anything that can help figure this rifle and it’s cartridge out would be much appreciated!
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    You can look at a reloading manual to see the difference of the two cartridges. Usually an Ackley Improved cartridge has the shoulders blown out making it capable of holding more powder. This means they would increase the shoulder angle , it was not an uncommon conversion. It should be able to shoot standard .257 Roberts ammo but it will come out as an Ackley case due to fire forming.


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    Quote Originally Posted by beauxdog View Post
    .......It should be able to shoot standard .257 Roberts ammo but it will come out as an Ackley case due to fire forming.

    Well that’s one way to resize brass!
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    Very interesting. So it’s still a very usable rifle. Unfortunately I don’t do any reloading of my own so I wouldn’t be able to reap the full benefits of the proper cartridge this rifle is chambered for. Guess I’ll have to throw a scope on it and find some .257 Roberts and start shooting.

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    The 257 Roberts AI is an exceptional round. Nearly the power of the 25-06 when loaded to it's full potential. It's worth the effort, but it's a reloading proposition only.

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    Seems like a worthy round. If only it was easier to find factory loads. And then maybe start handloading.

    If I can’t find ammo easily enough, the rifle might have to go up for sale to someone who loads this round
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