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    Fusilier Complex Members: IMPORTANT: Please Read

    All members of The Fusilier Complex, please be aware that the Annual Meeting is Friday, Sept 6 at the Evangeline Shriners Club at 328 Guilbeau Road, Lafayette, La.
    *so what’s so important about THIS year’s annual meeting? Well, every 5 years, elections are held for the officers that run this facility. The elections are this year! *
    More importantly, this is the first time in over 20 years that current Board Members/officers running the club actually have challengers competing for their positions in an election (president, VP, Secretary, & Treasurer)....and they’re wanting to make some positive changes.
    Please note: That’s in just 3 weeks...and the members have yet to be notified of the meeting by the current elected Board. (The members, historically, have been notified in July about the date of the annual meeting, and it still hasn’t happened yet.)

    If you’d like to help in making positive changes in YOUR shooting range, I ask that you make the meeting on Sept 6.
    If anyone has questions, feel free to DM me.


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    I'm excited to hear this. We have needed a "long range" range in Acadiana for a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cb8180 View Post
    I'm excited to hear this. We have needed a "long range" range in Acadiana for a long time.
    If that's what the members want, then yes, the Fusilier Complex should build it. They've done informal surveys on interest, and a high percent of members being interested has already been confirmed.
    They should also do what they said they would do, and seek input from members that want be involved in its design and development(those that have experience in shooting different disciplines of shooting long range)....and then propose that to the membership. That's unfortunately not how they operate.
    But I'm very confident that the folks challenging the current Board at the election that's being held on the 6th WILL actually do that....
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