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    New to optics .... help please

    Looking for some optics help for my AR15 that I would like to shoot out to 50 and 400yards. Not saying that money is no object but I want good quality that I will be able to keep and put on any other rifle if I sell the AR15. I was looking at a Leupold at this article- so I could find range at the same time. But not stuck on that one I am open to any and all info and options.
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    Unfortunately, finding an optic that works is like buying a new car. Ford & Chevy, some may like this one but others swear by another. From my own experience, my go-to "long range" optics has always been Vortex or Nikon. I couldn't see myself paying "X" amount since I barely shoot pass 30 yards at times but I wanted something budget friendly with a reputable name. After about 10-15ish range trips, I have yet to see any disappointments, they get a thumbs up from me.

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    Read articles on scopes to understand the basics and then search for reviews on whatever you are considering. I imagine you will get lots of help here. First focal plane is better if you intend to range with the reticle. They tend to be more expensive. 400 yards Prairie dog pup or deer? There are soooo many good and great scopes out there now. For an AR you can go from 1-6 power or if prairie dogs at 400 yards get a upper level a lot higher. (18 or higher) just consider weight and size will go up. Although I don't value most big box store sales people's opinion they are a good place to see a lot of scopes. If near Hammond go to sport optics - they have lots of brands and they do have experience with the products.

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