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Thread: Northern Tool

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    Northern Tool

    Didnít see another thread on it. Looks like Metairie is getting a northern tool. Right down the street from Karl Maloneís 5.11 store.
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    Yep! I noticed the sign yesterday. Looking forward to checking it out!
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    There is a Northern Tool in Houma. Not the best quality. If I made my living using tools, I wouldn't use them. For occasional work around the house, they are ok.

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    We got one several years ago---just like every other place they got goo stuff and bad---beats Harbor Freight
    by a long shot---

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    I’d say it falls somewhere between a Harbor Freight and a Tractor Supply.
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    Holy skeet!! i do like a Northern Tool store. certainly better than harbor freight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3fifty7 View Post
    Iíd say it falls somewhere between a Harbor Freight and a Tractor Supply.
    Thing I like about them and Tractor Supply is they sell name brand stuff for things you need to use and use.
    Harbor is,ok for now and then use items.

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