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    What is your most useless firearm?

    What is/was your most useless firearm?

    Mine was a MAC 11 9mm pistol. It was in a sales flyer from the manufacturer back when I had a FFL and the cost was only $165 so I bought it. It had the standard threaded muzzle, a pop-bottle/cleaning patch trap adapter, 32 round mag, and even a front hanger strap. (for those old enough to remember - John Wayne with his MAC 10 in the movie McQ probably was a factor in my buying decision)

    Once I got it I realized there was no real way to carry it except always in your hand or a bag. Tried a sling but the sling mounting points were the front and rear sights so obscured the sights. That was a moot point however because the top mounted charging handle which was between the front and rear sights also blocked the sights. No sights = spray and pray. The 32 round magazine made it even larger and harder to carry. It was irresistable to just keep pulling the trigger but at almost a box of 9mm per magazine and no sights the result was just a bunch of bangs which grew old quickly. Since I was more interested in hitting targets I quickly got rid of it. File photo:

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    Phu Bai, Vietnam, 1968-69
    Baghdad, Iraq, 2004-05

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    Long live the 10mm

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    This is so embarrassing, but I once owned one of these:
    File Photo:

    32 Auto

    Purchased it when I was in my early 20s and broke. Got rid of it after I shot an old 2 gallon galvanized sprayer from 12 away and the round bounced back and hit my arm. The bullet did not leave a mark on me or much of a dent in the sprayer either.

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    On Target

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    Mine would have to be a Rossi ranchhand. It just looked so cool I had to have it.

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    Well I don’t own any goofy or gemicky guns, but I do own a TC 50cal in-line muzzleloader. It’s all but irrelevant for me, because it’s Only useful for hunting and since the single-shot rules went into effect it’s just not worth dragging it out the closet.

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    Moving forward

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    But apparently it can still get you arrested.

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    -Global Mod-

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    My K98 it needs a new barrel as was fired with a,squib. Did get a like New take off.
    One day I will get it swapped.
    Could not find any locals.

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    There's a few strong contenders ... a Canadian Ross rifle chambered in .280 Ross (an obsolete and impossible to find bullet), a Cooey bolt rifle chambered in the similarly obscure .25 Stevens round, and a Remington Model 14 chambered in .35 Remington. The latter is actually a great round, but the pump action mechanism (which was state of the art a hundred years ago) is an absolute clusterf*ck of complicated engineering.

    But the title goes to my FIE Titan in .25 ACP. It's about the size of my wallet and made of that delightful pot metal that inspires zero confidence.

    ΦΒΚ. Honi soit qui mal y pense.

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    Old School

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    [QUOTE=Blackhawk;1677009]What is/was your most useless firearm?

    Just for fun!! The one left behind while I go into the world "not heeled"
    "How did you learn to shoot like that!!??....."Practice!!"

    "Fast is Fine, but Accuracy is Final. You Must Learn to be Slow in a Hurry"......Wyatt Earp

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    Any one of them that you don’t have immediate access to when you need it.
    Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don't.


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    A snake charmer .410 single shot. I have completely 0 use for it, but it was my dad's and he left it to me so......
    If you are so proud of where you're from that you fly your flag everywhere, please go back there. Your flag offends me! American lives Matter!

    Support LEO........
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