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    Hi-pernt 995 .
    It was inherited , so quit judging me !!
    Only good thing about it is .....
    Ok well I can't think of anything good at the moment.
    2nd place goes to the taurus judge , which I can actually shoot rats and snakes with but that's about the only thing it's good for .

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    This is fun, but that's pretty much it's only redeeming factor. Golf ball size bore. This is what it did to a one gallon can full of water!

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    Tough choice.


    Or this

    Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.

    I like guns because they're f*cking awesome.

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    Mine is an old .410 bolt action mag fed (3 round) shotgun that a buddy found in the closet of a house I lived in college (previous tenants moved to Canada and left it apparently). I’ve fired a couple of rounds to confirm function, but overall useless for my use. My nephew liked shooting it. Maybe will pass it on to my some someday...

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    I once bought a Bryco/Jennings .380 (larger frame, single stack, 7 round) to keep in my car instead of my more expensive Beretta, but the firing pin broke while shooting one day, and a case also stuck in the chamber, so I lost all confidence in it. When calling to order a replacement firing pin, they went ahead and sent me two for free, which assured me they expected one to break again soon.

    When I married, my wife, who had little experience with or knowledge of guns, had a Bryco/Jennings .380 (smaller frame, 6 round) that she had bought when commuting into the city. Despite the above experience, I gave it a try, but every other round or so, the slide would hang up out of battery, and there appeared to be a crack in one spot (kind of a contour groove on the slide) that I could not tell if it was an actual crack or just a flaw at the point in the chrome plating. Took not chances and sidelined it, told my new wife that I'd get her something better.

    I decided to try to get something out of them, and took them to a local pawn shop where I was offered $20 and $19 just from a book number, while they had one of the same as my wife's in their case for $119. "That's all we can offer because we don't know if they'll work." Well, I'd use them as a fishing weight before I took that little for them from someone who was then going to bump up $100 each, but instead I ended up donating to our police academy for deactivation and use as "red guns." I've also passed them a blown-chamber Raven .25 that a family member who had been a Causeway officer back in the day didn't know what to do with, and a Charter Arms .38 that was found in my father-in-law's garage after he passed, pulling the trigger turned the cylinder once every three or four tries with the right wiggling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDerekT83 View Post
    A snake charmer .410 single shot. I have completely 0 use for it, but it was my dad's and he left it to me so......
    Those things STING the ever living crap out of you.. Don't know the thinking of a skeleton stock but its painful
    Be Prepared!! Exsisto Paratus

    Molon labe!! Come and get them!

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    A Beretta model 950 BS 22 short semi auto pistol.
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    The Hi Pernt makes a great paperweight... or when the riots come give it to that neighbor you don't really like....

    I have a .38 s&w (IIRC, its not .38 special) iver johnson 'suicide special' that went through Katrina and still sitting in break free.
    "Be water, my friend..."

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    I have a single shot 12 ga crack barrel shotgun with a full choke. It is lightweight and pounds your shoulder. I have not shot it in years.

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    Any one that is unloaded......

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