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    Seriously Misunderstood!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markmmg View Post
    I have a single shot 12 ga crack barrel shotgun with a full choke. It is lightweight and pounds your shoulder. I have not shot it in years.
    I think you have it won. Without question (I have some too), a firearm that has long seen better days as useful. ANY crack barrel shotgun is basically useless today.
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    One for the road

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    Taurus Judge for me. Won it as a door prize at a clay shoot years ago. liked it for about a month. I sold it to a bayou shooter member and he was going to use it as a snake gun,

    Nothing in particular wrong with the Judge, it just felt gimmicky to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravelface View Post
    Any one that is unloaded......
    I was looking to see if anyone thought of this. I was surprised it made it through the entire first page without it.

    I feel that an unloaded long gun is a stick / bat and an unloaded pistol is a rock / brick... I have no use for either.

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    is not here

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    My great-grandma's Rohm .22
    It is not even functional, but I can't get rid of it.
    My secret arsenal is an infinite, ageless inkwell. It's a fountain of youth and a patriot's weapon of choice. -Brandon Boyd.

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    I have one that belonged to my ole man. I just load 22 snake shot in it when i go out in the swamp.

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    Never had a useless firearm.

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    Here's mine. Not good for much these days, except for perhaps cracking pecans.


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    My favorite and my most useless are the same...AR-15.

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    On Target

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    I have an old single shot 22 that seems to only shoot straight when I’m wearing a headlight.

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    I despise ARFCOM

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    I have a really sweet Ruger SR22 pistol that I have no use for . Great gun but I have zero use for it . I hate safe Queens but that's what it's become .
    I tried being normal once , I didn't like it .

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