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    So i'm getting a Tegu

    So in the next week I'll be getting a pet Tegu. I'm going to be building a enclosure for him that's about/at least 5'x'3'x3' that I can heat one side to around 110-115*F and keep the opposite end cool. But anyway, is anyone else in here, into reptiles? I have a bearded dragon now, and am so excited to get my big boy..... The only bad part is that I'm settling for a Tegu because my wife will not let me get what I really want...
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    Happy wife happy life. Mine is ok with most but gets scared of the larger reptiles. We have a banana ball python. 2 box turtles 1 softshell turtle and 2 fish. Just dont go and get bite by your tegu I hear that can be a mean pet.

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