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    Thoughts on the Desert Eagle 50AE?

    Any thoughts on the desert eagle? It was suggested to me that a 10mm would be just as much fun to shoot and cheaper ammo.

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    I have a couple in 44mag and like them just fine. For $500 I could buy the .50 barrel and 2 mag conversion kit but have no desire to do so mostly due to the difference in ammo cost and availability. I also have a few pistols in .22LR that I wouldn’t want in any other caliber. I’m just an oddball and nobody should listen to me.
    .44 mag ammo can be had for around 50-70 cents per round. Not sure what .50AE is going for but it’s more than that.
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    Cool conversation piece, but ammo is expensive to shoot.

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    Too big, too heavy, too expensive, ammo too expensive, and too hard to carry. I just wish I had the money to buy one.
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    If you are a reloader, why have any other caliber DE?
    I dont have one, but there’s one on the medium short list of need to haves.
    Why .45? Because they don't make a .46!

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    When your mag goes empty, you can always use it as a club.
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    Here is a video on 10mm vs .45. I already have a .50AE. I wanted a 10mm for a long time. After watching this video I have cooled on the 10mm. The .50AE is a blast to shoot. Watch some of the high speed camera vids of the AE. That being said everybody should buy/own what they want. We do it with houses, cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Why not guns?

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    I can think of no practical reason to own a Desert Eagle. That wouldn't stop me from owning one.

    (That said, this is the kind of gun that I'd buy with resale in mind, knowing that I'd probably shoot it a half-dozen times and then flip it for something else.)

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    Novelty. Which of course is not to say I wouldn't take one if someone gave it to me... or I won it... but I wouldn't spend my money on it.
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    Why would anyone own a Desert Eagles?

    As my two year old would say ‘cause why’. (Because no one stopped him)

    Own it if you like it. It’s not something I care to own, but if we were shooting together I would want to shoot it a couple times. Kind of like the boat vs friend with a boat debate.

    If it tickles your pickle enjoy your freedom while we still have it.

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