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Thread: Best 1911?

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    Best 1911?

    What's the best 9mm 1911 (govt size) in the $900 to $1300 range?
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    In my opinion, that would probably be the smith and Wesson pro series or sig sauer traditional stainless match elite. Both are well equipped, including front strap checkering (must have for me). Some people are put off by the external extractors, but I don’t care as long as it runs. I recommend running a high quality magazine with any 1911, but especially 9mm or .40.
    The pro series is either right at your price cap or anpinch over it. The sig can be had for under a grand.

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    PM sent

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    I'm kind of partial to this one. It's been running since 1944 with no issues except it doesn't like hollow points. Has well over 1000 rounds through it. I use Wilson Combat mags in it.

    Best? That's a personal choice.

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    I would say sig or smith and wesson. See what kimber has to offer but I find them to be overpriced...
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    To me, some of the best are 3000 plus. Ed Brown etc. But hardly anyone has that amount to spend and see you do not. Nor do I
    YOU put a reasonable price range.
    The best for some is Rock Island.
    And everything in between of coarse.
    Lately, I have been looking at 70 series No not the remakes the fit and finish it any Colt 70 in NM is nice.
    And there are like New One's still out there.
    Some brands have a custom shop that has that same fit and finish today but ya gotta pay for it.
    Lots of hand fitting on them. But that is what they did back then.
    Same reason Colt can not make new Pythons they figure no one will pay... I see them at a grand.
    Box stock brand new Springfields, Colt, and many others are in your price range I would look at a few and shoot a few.
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    I’ve had several Kimber, a Sig, several SAs, and an STI Spartan. Except the STI (9mm) they’ve all been 45. The STI is my range queen for qualifying since I get free 9mm thru work. That thing is an absolute tack-driver and runs flawlessly but it’s seriously picky about magazines. It does not like cheap mags. The most reliable as far as all factors considered has been a tie between my work carry Kimber 5” SIS rail and my former work carry Sig TacPac 5” rail. Neither suffer cheap or worn out mags but both have flawlessly fed and cycled anything I’ve given them. And they’re scary accurate for the price point. If you’re set on 9mm the STI Trojan or Spartan lines might be good bets, and you can usually find them lightly used occasionally for well under a grand.

    Hope this helps.

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    I love my Colt 1991a1 no malfunctions and you get the classic look/feel.

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    Colt lightweight commander for around $900. If you wanna spend more the dan wesson guardian is pretty damn sweet for around $1500.

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    Like stated earlier . It's a personal choice .
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