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    Flood San Fran with NRA logos!

    Okay, I see the need for a campaign to collect and distribute NRA logo merchandise to homeless citizens of San Francisco! Maybe that could become an option on the membership renewal, forego receipt of the free item to instead have it donated to a needy person in San Francisco! This is an idea that needs a viral social media presence. If the vegan Aussie woman suing her barbecuing neighbors can draw 12,000 RSVPs to a mass barbecue next door, surely we can round up a few thousand logo items to go to such a worthy cause as clothing the poor and homeless! I'd would seriously turn over every gun logo/patriotic t-shirt I own right now if I could be assured they would make it onto the backs of San Francisco's homeless. Then, I'd buy more new ones for myself, thereby supporting all the companies that produce our favorite Gadsden, flag, Molon Labe, etc. shirts! Who knows someone stuck in Commiefornia that would be willing to receive some boxes and distribute them to some shelters? Oooh, maybe the various patriotic companies would do a buy one/donate one campaign? I can just imagine thousands of homeless vagrants wandering the streets of San Fran and begging while wearing American flag shirts, NRA caps, Glock sweatshirts, you name it! What a sight that would be!

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    You have moron labia t shirts? Iím so disappointed.

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    Oooh boooy!

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    I had thunk of that too, but SF would docs Every NRA member in cali. I wouldn't want that to happen. It would be nice if someone could give the homeless Maps to the Libtards Homes. Let them camp out in front of Nancy, Dianne & Da Mayors house. Then they might actually care about the people who pay taxes in SF and leave gun owners alone for a minute or two.

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    I'm not particularly enthusiastic about helping anyone in California.

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