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    What the best pocket holster?

    Looking for suggestions for a pocket holster brand/ type. Not sure where to start. Thanks

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    Alabama Holster has a really nice form fitted pocket kydex holster. I think its a big step up from the soft pocket variety.

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    Sticky Holsters.

    Tried them recently on a whim, and I absolutely love them. Best part about it, they are inexpensive.
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    I am happy with my High Noon pocket holster.
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    Desantis Nemesis.... cheap, comfy, works, obscures the outline. Been using one daily for maybe 10 years.
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    I use one of these for a j frame.
    I really don't care.

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    I agree with Emp, sticky holsters work. Takes a sec to get positioned in the pocket, you have to develop your own technique, but stays put on the draw. I also like a good suede leather pocket holster. There are a few to choose from nowadays.
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