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    I知 afraid my manners will be my downfall

    So tonight me and my youngest (2year old) are at the local Chinese Tool Abomination. We check out and head for the truck. (I’m always pretty aware of my surroundings and I prioritize putting my kids in the best position to defend). So I open the door for him to climb in, and once he is in his seat I put the Chinese junk in the back and proceed back to buckle him in. As I’m making my way there I’m approach by a middle aged male who speaks from a distance continues approaching until he’s at my taillight I’m at the back passenger door. Roughly 5-6 feet between us. (I’m not comfortable. It’s dark it’s not the safest place but it’s not a bad area either and right next to the interstate) He proceeds to give me some cockamamie story. First, I let him talk way too long before I stopped him, second I let him continue to talk after I told him I wasn’t interested. I maintained my surroundings through the entire conversation, but he was too close for comfort, and I obviously was not assertive enough because it took more than one no to move along.

    Now over the years I have helped people, I’ve always been cautious to avoid situations that put me in overtly vulnerable positions and I have a strict policy of ‘no’ any time my wife and kids are with me. Why did I allow him to talk so long? I know better. Am I the only one who struggles with being too polite for safety?
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    Okay,I'll bite,What ex actually was his BS story that you listened to so long?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gator 45/70 View Post
    Okay,I'll bite,What ex actually was his BS story that you listened to so long?
    Although he was fairly well spoken it was pretty incoherent. (I was less interested in the story as I was watching my backside). He had to press charges on his old lady for steeling his car, and he had a restraining order against her but he needed a Sheriff to get his stuff, but he was getting his uncle’s, cousins’s nephew’s, twice removed sister or some bs to money graham him some money, but he needed some gas to get wherever the hell he was going but we weren’t at the gas station.

    I think I let him talk cause he was fairly decently dressed and he spoke well. But the story was your typical bs sob story.

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    Just remember to always keep your spare change at home in your spare wallet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thperez1972 View Post
    Just remember to always keep your spare change at home in your spare wallet.
    Yep if I reach in my pants it won’t be for pocket change.

    But I let that go way too long and knew it was going too long while it was happening and just couldn’t end it.

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    You were not hurt and you did not have to fight. You are a good example that gun people do not ask for trouble.
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    My standard canned reply to those yahoos is 的知 married. You know how that works. I知 not allowed to have cash.

    If I知 in uniform, I just point at my badge and ask if they have a permit to panhandle - because otherwise they池e just harassing people on private property and need to kick rocks before someone with handcuffs and a citation book shows up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Pozzinator View Post
    My standard canned reply to those yahoos is *I’m married. You know how that works. I’m not allowed to have cash.*
    I need to use this, lol.

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    Don稚 troll me bro!

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    As soon as they step in my direction I make eye contact and I start shaking my head. If you have any sort of situational awareness you know what I知 talking about. Whether it痴 a sad story or asking for a smoke, all the talk is just a buffer to help them close the distance. The sooner you show your barrier the better. Draw that line. Make eye contact and quickly check your six before they close the gap. If you see anyone else looking at you, even out the corner of their eye, you can address them as well. First thing out of my mouth is usually 舛ant help you, loud and clear. If they pass that they get the defending hand and 腺ack off. I don稚 say please or sorry. I got no time to be polite. Anyone who continues to approach at that point is showing their hand and in need of correction. There痴 quite a bit of defensive body language that anyone with ill intent is aware of and will look for that cue to either back off or escalate to their ends.
    Politeness in these cases is the fear of dealing with a situation because you don稚 wanna be wrong and hurt feelings. I値l take offending a stranger over being robbed or jacked any day of the week. Nobody can blame you for being protective of your family and yourself and your property.
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    Doesn稚 play well with TROLLS...

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    What is an odd twist is being more aware seems to invite these type of people in. They stroll through parking lots looking for people who catch their eye then they approach. If I am in a crowd of people and someone is obviously looking for handouts, ignoring them seems to work. If I am by myself in a parking lot as soon as I see them approaching me I say "no" and shake my head, if they keep coming I say "NO!" and start looking around aggressively.

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