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    Anyone else had this happen?

    So a guy post a gun you are interested in, he is asking a price that is somewhat higher than current market prices. You make a fair offer and he gets offended and makes some rude comments and turns you down. Two weeks later sells gun for your original offer after dropping price incrementally over the 2 week period. Is this a common occurrence? Has it happened to you? Please discuss.

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    That is not common on this forum but it happens occasionally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBP55 View Post
    That is not common on this forum but it happens occasionally.
    Because no one ever lowers their prices to a fair price point.

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    Welcome to the world of B.S.

    Gunbroker pricing vs the real world prices.....
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    That's good to know, I am still fairly new to this site and have had two awesome transactions previously, glad to hear it is not common. Thanks for your reply.

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    Right? I explained to him that they were selling brand new for less than he was asking and his reply was "but you can't find them in stock for that price" to which I replied yeah because that is what the market is for them currently. It's frustrating because he could have had the money that he settled for two weeks earlier and I would have payed a fair price for a weapon I wanted.

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    Some people don't understand how negotiating works. Oh, and some people are just buttholes...

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    Welcome to Bayou shooters, where all used guns are list price + 20%/ OOOOH wait, I forgot, that price includes an uncle mikes holster...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny Abear View Post
    Welcome to Bayou shooters, where all used guns are list price + 20%
    Nailed it

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    Donít sweat it BG, we can find you another collectorsí edition high point.
    I kid. Seriously though, if itís something you really want, lemme show you to another BS phenomenon, the ĎCopycat Saleí. Somehow when someone talks about the firearm in question, another will magically come up for sale. Tell us what model it was ya missed out on and letís see... Ok, Iím joking.
    But really, kick it around if youíre still looking for one of whatever gun it was. Place a WTB ad in the marketplace and see what pops up. Itís worked for me a few times.
    Watch this...

    Iím in the market for old and broken Mossberg 500 12ga shotguns or parts thereof....if anyone wants to PM me for some fast cash.

    We call this tactic ĎThread Jackingí.
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