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    Does anyone load 6.5x257 Roberts?

    I just picked up a rifle. It started life as a 6.5 Jap. There was no ammo available after the war, so original owner converted it to 6.5x257 Roberts. He gave me a box of loaded ammo and a box of brass but he could not find his dies. Per the net, some call the round a 6.5 Spence. Any information or source of ammo would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    That's a wildcat . No factory ammo will be available . It's a shame the dies didn't come with the rifle . Most times the dies were cut with the chambering reamer when the rifle was chambered to insure a match . If you had them getting ammo would be a whole lot easier .
    I did a Google search on the term " Custom Ammunition Makers" a list of several came up , the largest was Extreme Custom Ammunition but there are at least eight or nine companies offering custom loaded wildcat ammo . Pull up the list and check out what they can do .

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    The easiest source of dies is probably going to CH4D dies. They offer a pile of wildcat dies at fairly reasonable prices.

    For what it's worth, only the seating die can be made with a chambering reamer. The sizing die needs to be slightly smaller than the chamber in order for it to work properly. Sometimes a matched sizer reamer is made along with a chamber reamer for making custom dies but I doubt many gunsmiths of the day rechambering Arisakas went through such trouble and expense for dies.

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    Midway has RCBS dies, but not cheap. $200 for a two die set.

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    You could also ask Castboolits site there are members there tgat load just about every thing. And have resorted to making brass and bullets to do so

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