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Thread: Hog hunting

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    Hog hunting

    Hey folks,

    is anyone willing to take a visitor out hog hunting sometime in the next 10 days? Im in town for work and the property i have access to doesnít have hogs on it right now and i donít have access on the weekends. Iíve put out a bunch of corn but havenít had any takers yet.

    Iím handy with a rifle and a gas pump. Iíll cover groceries for the day(s) and fuel.

    thanks for your time,


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    Seriously Misunderstood!

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    Try sending a PM or an email to Member: hoggin

    He arrived on here as a blank canvas to learn the ways of hog hunting and blossomed into a highly successful pig killer!

    I would be shocked if he weren't already after them this season.
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    PM sent! Thanks for the tip.

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    Emperor, thanks for the kind words! Pretty accurate too... I showed up to this forum as green as a hog hunter could be. Learned a ton here. Posted a ton of tips to help others as I learned hands on in the field. Lots of success murdering hogs in Pearl and filling up the freezers. I'm going to try and get out there again this weekend but I want to go by canoe. Will post a new thread to see if anyone can help me locate a few canoe launches. Don't want to launch on the main Pearl. Want to launch is a small waterway far from other hunters in tough to access location.

    DevilDiver223, I didn't get your PM so I'm just now seeing this thread. The easiest public place in SE LA to hunt hogs is Pearl River WMA. Mucho hog action. The best hogging is accessible by boat as one of the best tips for hunting public land is to: "Hunt where others are not". So the more difficult it is to access the area, the more action you will see. Boat access automatically puts you where 75% of the other hunters do not go. I sold my boat last year so I've just been stalking off of Old Hwy 11. Plenty of action here. Last Saturday I stalking there. Didn't see any hogs, but saw plenty of fresh hog turds and mud rubs. Flushed out a bedding buck and two bedding does. Usually the first question newbies to Pearl ask is, "Where are the hogs?" The answer is, "Everywhere." I typically hunt south of Old Hwy 11. The deeper you go into the woods the better your chances. Go where others are less likely to go. Bring a backpack game cart with you so you don't have to drag 150#s of dead weight a mile out of the woods. Unless you have boat access, Old Hwy 11 is probably your best bet.

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