My day job is with a Section 8 (and it FEELS like it sometimes!) program in a local housing authority, and part of the job is inspecting rental units. Our admin plan requires all mutli-unit rentals and mobile homes to have an up-to-date FE, but not traditional single-family homes. Go figure.

I'd say that 80% of the units inspected have the FE mounted in a visible location, the rest in a cabinet somewhere - and the tenants frequently doesn't know where. I've asked if they have ever used one or know how to. Best guesstimate, less than 1% have a working knowledge.

In my other, 24/7/365 life, I'm a volunteer firefighter/EMT. Members of my dept will go to the local schools and do Fire Prevention education, and sometimes during a Station open house we will borrow a FE simulator with digital fire, at which you direct a water stream from a refillable extinguisher. If you don't hit the screen just right, the fire keeps burning. The newer models use a laser, no water needed!

A great way to practice without the dry chem mess!