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    Bugei Dragonfly Sword

    Looking to sell a Bugei Dragonfly sword. You can see where this originally came from by going to the following site.

    I ordered this custom so the dimensions don't match exactly what is presently offered on the Web site. The tsuka (handle) is 11", the nagasa (blade length) is 29.5", and the blade has a bohi (groove). The blade is forge folded and differentially tempered. I ordered it to do Iaido with, but ultimately the dimensions of this sword lend it more to cutting than traditional martial arts practice. I have never used it or cut anything with it, nor has anyone else. The only time it has come out is to clean it and wipe it down periodically with choji oil. It's a beautiful blade; just not suitable for my purposes.

    Comes with an inner fabric sword bag and a carrying bag. Asking $1,100 in the Baton Rouge area, but I eventually get all over the state at some point. Thanks for looking.

    Sara mo ki kara ochiru

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    Free bump for a beautiful blade...
    "Be water, my friend..."

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    Thanks for the bump Camper.

    I was driving with the wife today and introducing the concept that I needed a new firearm. She says, you're trying to sell a sword, why don't you list some things you would take in trade. So here I am. Possible trades include the following in very good to excellent condition. Thanks for looking.

    Springfield Range Officer, 45ACP
    S&W 66, 6 inch barrel
    S&W 629, 6 inch barrel (not classic)
    Winchester 94 Sporter, 24 inch barrel, 30-30
    CZ 527 American, 22 Hornet
    Sara mo ki kara ochiru

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    Bump and added trade

    Springfield M1A Scout Squad
    Sara mo ki kara ochiru

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    Sara mo ki kara ochiru

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