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    Good mechanics are rare, there is an abundance of 'parts changers' tho

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    Back in the late 80's when I took auto mechanics in high school, we were practically whipped if we didn't double-check the lug nuts with a torque wrench once the car was on the ground. To this day, I still do that whenever I remove a wheel.

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    Shoot man,F'k ups have been around since the dinosaur's and Fred Flintstone.

    Had a shop change the oil and rotate the tires,I pay up and head down the road,5 minutes later I start hearing this Thock,Thock Thock sound.

    I pull over and check out the truck,Yep only 2 lug nuts holding the front tire on.

    I walk to the auto parts place and make a phone call to the oil change place I had just left,Then I buy some more lug nuts.

    Put em on and go back to the tire shop,Dudes like at first he tried to crawfish out of buying a new mag but a blind man could see the holes were wallowed out.

    So I stay on his ass until he manned up and bought a new mag.

    Now I walk around and look at the lug nuts before I leave the place doing the work.....
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