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Thread: Computer Repair

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    Computer Repair

    I am no expert but have many years of working on pcs. Installing software to bring computers back to factory condition and upgrading. Being retired (medically) I am limited to physical activity but am able to do some stuff. I have a few I have repaired and can just swap out for a broken one or I can repair/refurbish/upgrade or whatever yours. If a different operating system is what you are wanting I can install a Linux distribution on it, there are some cool ones. No real business here I'm only offering my services to Bayoushooter members. Desktops I can pretty much do anything to, laptops I'm limited to reinstalling software or upgrading memory. As far as troubleshooting virus problems or glitches like failure to boot problems. Usually it ends in factory reset for me. My services are free but will accept donations for my retirement fund. We can remove the existing hard drive for you to keep on desktops and usually reinstall as a slave drive on most desktops. If you want in home, supervised by you service for reinstallations and upgrades it can most likely be accommodated as long as it's not too far away from my location. Let me know what you need. I am in Gonzales, LA
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    Now that's cool! Thx magpie!

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    Great Offer for Bayou Shooter Members.

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    Way to put up. Everyone should appreciate this.
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