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    The 4 main differences are the grip, sights, optics milling and trigger. Depending on the price your looking at for the RX, these can all be changed except for the optics milling. The RX is cut for the Romeo1 while the X Compact is cut for the Delta Point, Romeo Max, and equivalent. I know the RX compact on sale at Cabela's has the Sig night sights. The X Compact will come the Sig XRay sights. The trigger is curved vs straight. That will be a personal preference. I'm not sure if, in the stock configuration, that one is lighter or smoother than the other. The grip is also a personal preference and is the easiest/cheapest to change. Go to the store and feel all aspects of both and see where your preferences are. Also take into consideration as to which optic you want to go with. If you think you will want something other than the romeo 1, then the X series may be more of a contender.

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    I don't have any first hand shooting experience with a P320. All I have to offer about the P320 is that the grips feel wierd in my hand. However the P320 X-series is a whole diferent ball game.\

    I have been shooting a P320 X5 in Steel Challenge and USPSA matches for 2 years now. This X5 is simply a bas ass pistol! Also, I did pick a X5 Legion and don't get me started on that thing! The X-series grips fit my hand like it was custom formed for me. The trigger, sights, mags, and performance of this gun is second to none as far as production pistols go for me. I also picked up a P320 X-carry this year and all the same comments apply to the X-carry as the X5. I don't have a X-compact yet but I'm likely to pick one of those up as well.

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