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    Quote Originally Posted by MTregre View Post
    Yes, but there is still a response from local PD when a store owner calls in a robbery. They then need to press charges correct?
    If I understand the Cali Prop correctly, if the theft is under $950, there will not be a PD response. Please set me straight if I'm going astray.
    Not necessarily. If you go in to a gas station and grab a bunch of cases of beer and walk out a unit will not respond in some cities. Itís all done over the phone and Iím sure thatís common in most major cities. Itís hard to tie up units on a non violent call or one thatís already happened in cities where violent crime is high and staffing is short. Baton Rouge actually has kiosk now at locations where you can report a crime over a Skype type method.

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    All or nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by machinedrummer View Post
    I like the Lethal Weapon line. Lol Enter the drag queen
    Haha! Classic.
    Contrary to popular belief, a head shot is not necessarily a guaranteed kill shot....but it sure does take the fight out of 'em.

    and if one in every 100,000,000 M&M's contained enough cyanide to kill a person, the Mars candy company would be forced by public outcry to correct itóóó

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    Report incidents such as:
    -Property damage
    -Lost property
    -Auto theft (​If you are reporting an auto theft you will need to provide a completed Auto Theft Affidavit.)
    -Supplements to existing cases

    If your incident is not listed above, please call the NOPD to file your report:
    -Emergency 911
    -Non-emergency (504) 821-2222

    Is this right for you? Say "yes" to the following:
    -This is not an emergency. (If no, call 911.)
    -This incident occurred within Orleans Parish. (If no, call the police department for that city.)
    -There are no known suspects. (A known suspect is when you or someone else knows the person or where to find person who may have committed the crime or the license plate number of the vehicle the suspect(s) were in.)
    -This did not occur on an interstate or the Crescent City Connection. (if so, call the Louisiana State Police at (225) 925-6006.)

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    Moving forward

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    Why go to work when you can just take what you want when you want?

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