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    CJ5 Restoration/got the frame painted and new springs on the way.

    Was able to get my framed cleaned up and painted. Went with a 2 part epoxy system. The frame was in excellent shape so I stripped it down to the bare frame ( more time consuming than I thought) then cleaned it and prepped it for painting. The first thing I did after it was clean was apply a 2 part epoxy sealer to the bare metal, then I applied a 2 part epoxy primer, then I applied a 2 part epoxy top coat. I painted it gloss black. It’s not auto show perfect, but it’s bomb proof and clean. I’m building the Jeep to drive it so function matters most, but I do want it to look good. I also secured a BDS suspension, which for this old of a vehicle, consist of four leaf springs, the u bolts to secure them to the axel and four Fox shocks. I will install this in the near future. It will give it a modest 2.5 inch lift. Pictures are not in order as it was done.

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    Now that's what you call "stripped". Looks good!!

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    Sooooo Cheesy!

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    Well done!
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