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    Sig-MPX Carbine {Noctius}
    Not sure what the Noctis is but I know the 1st gens had problems
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    The Brian Enos forum and others have stories about them not doing so well when dirty. And that The Piston gets dirty quick.
    But looks like they have gotten better thoughts?
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    I have had a MPX 8" pistol for a couple years now, not sure if its a 1st or 2nd gen.
    It has ran flawless. I run it with 147 grain reloads suppressed about 95% of the time.
    It does get dirty/sooty, but no action issues after a couple hundred rounds.
    I normally do a serious cleaning after a thousand (?) rounds
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    I have an MPX Gen2 8" SBR that I use in PCC competition. I have never had any failures with about 4000 rounds through it. Some people have had issues, some haven't. I have been happy with my purchase and the wait time to use it as an SBR in PCC.
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