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    Henry all weather 45-70

    just picked up a Henry all weather 45-70 could not pass it up, looking to put a scope on it my eyes are not what they used to be. What would you Recommend Thanks in advance

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    Nikon, Leupold, or a Vortek scope in 2x7 or 3x9 power should do the trick. You can still see to shoot a deer at 10 yards on 3x and out to 200+yards on 9x.

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    Thanks will look around and pick one up need to get mount but Henry wants 10 times to much

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    Probably have to bite the bullet and get a scopebase from Henry for 26.95.

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    saw the weaver 63B on line for I thing $9.99 that's the one it says it takes thanks for the info

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    For the current price the Leupold VX3 line is tough to beat. They’ve been made for years but recently have come down in price while having the same quality.


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