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    Insidious indoctrination (I know, not new, just a recent example I saw)

    I witnessed something sobering the other day. I was in attendance as a presentation was being given to a 6th grade audience, the specific topic being irrelevant, but when giving an example to them, the speaker asked for a show of hands "How many of you would prefer to own a gasoline powered vehicle?" and maybe 5-10% raised their hands. When asked how many would prefer a hybrid or electric vehicle, ALL THE REST raised their hands.

    Now, what bothered me about this was that as 6th graders, it's quite obvious that the vast majority of them would have no real frame of reference based on personal knowledge and experience to be so decidedly showing such a preference. Having witnessed the car line for this school, the vast majority of their parents drive gasoline powered vehicles, some drinking enough gas for two or three of the others. The conclusion I have drawn (I've taken science and statistic classes, so y'all can trust me!) is that the indoctrination by repetition is working on these youngsters. With no real arguments being presented to them from any other side, anything put forward to them in their textbooks and class presentations about "go green" or "save our planet" and "wind and solar" will take root deeply. It won't be too many more election cycles before they're out there voting.

    It's not that I'm against any sensible advances in technology and energy, it's just that I'm not an alarmist, I don't go for the Chicken Little antics that are pushed so heavily. I also don't go for pushing agendas on kids, but it's a favored tactic.

    I shudder to think how many hands would have gone up for what options if firearms were discussed, but I'm pretty sure it would have been heavy to the "guns bad" side of the scale. When my step-son was in high school, I perused his Civics textbook (they still taught Civics then) and noticed some things that got me to thinking. They had the full text of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and further amendments, which was encouraging, but the section was bordered by sidebars and bullet-point summaries. When you think back to your school days, and studying from your textbook, how often did you read the actual text? Usually, you read the highlighted/underlined/italicized vocabulary words and definitions, the captions describing diagrams, and the summaries. Only if specifically assigned, or made to read out loud in class, did you read the full text, right? Textbooks are almost designed to skip the actual text. So in summarizing the Second Amendment, the brightly colored highlight sidebar said exactly five words - "States can have a militia."

    I guess the ultimate point is, question what your kids are being taught, be mindful that you look at the homework whether they need help with it or not. Textbook companies mostly reflect the views of general academia which is very much slanted to the liberal end of the spectrum, and those impressionable minds will soak up whatever is foisted upon them and regurgitate it faithfully if not exposed to contrasting points of view and taught to think critically. That is an area where academia is drastically failing, maybe by plan.

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    Before I comment let me make one thing perfectly clear. I have absolutely no information about the Clintons that would cause me to be suicided. With that being said I have a freshman in college and it only gets worse. His extra credit for government clsss was to go to a after school event which was basically an indoctrination of young minds into flipping Texas to blue. It’s a scary time and I don’t see it getting better. The socialist agenda is winning in our nations future leaders. My son fortunately isn’t of that mindset.
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    Seriously Misunderstood!

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    There is no doubt these kids today are being brain washed into the horse shit, but you know what? I don't see enough push back.

    If I met Trump in person I would ask these two following questions first:

    1. Why are your handlers not doing their homework more thoroughly before your rally's?

    2. What happened to the promise of eliminating Common Core in schools?

    When is the last time Betsy DeVos was on TV talking about the plans to roll back Common Core BS, or Trump talking about it?

    For my part, I am going to continue to use as much fossil fuel as I can. I already told my kids, I don't give a rats ass about this planet when I am gone, because I will be dead! It's your problem!

    I don't even listen to anyone who pushes that green nonsense. All the people in my life who I really care about, and all my friends, etc., don't believe in that nonsense either. I look at people pushing climate BS like I look at people pushing religion, LGBT crap, diversity, and all the other feel good ideals of the day. I don't care! You want all that, fine. I don't have a problem with you wanting that, but keep it to yourself; and don't ask me to pay for it, or to be inconvenienced by it.

    Think about how nice everything would be, if people just minded their own business, didn't transgress on others, and didn't try to convince you the sky was falling every time they or some group they associate themselves with want power or money?
    Remember; The 2nd Amendment Protects the 1st!
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    I agree with Emp. I drive a 1 ton diesel pickup, still have a 2 stroke outboard and a bunch of 2 stroke yard tools. Still use gasoline for ant killer, and it works better.
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    Hollywood has been indoctrinating us since before WW2. The red menace and communism in Hollywood is/was real. Now it wasnít every movie but it was a constant drum beat in the background. The only difference now? Itís no longer in the background.


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    Not Banned!!!

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    Electric cars are great, only issue is that we dont have enough nuclear power plants to charge them up.

    Solar is a good idea to supplement the grid, it will take a lot of improvements in tech before the energy density is high enough to run by itself.

    Wind is a joke, we dont have the land to waste on it.

    We really do have to stop burning stuff for power.

    Yes, we will all be dead before it matters, but I would like to see some sort of improvements in my lifetime.

    I have to put a lot of things into perspective for my 9yr old daughter. That is what being a parent is all about. Teach the kids to be skeptics and they will be set for life.
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    On Target

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    Kanye West is saved, holding massive church services and Kim Kardashian is speaking about Jesus on the view...... idk, everything is seemingly just as normal as it can be
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    Donít troll me bro!

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    The federal government has done more to change our climate than all of mankind has in the history of mankind. I’m good with coal and I’m good with diesel.
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    coal and diesel are limited resources and do result in significant pollution. Not saying no to them, but there are problems. Solar, wave action, water wheels, geothermal, etc. are great ideas that haven't matured yet. Solar has improved in the last few years. Batteries have improved also. But until they can put enough solar on a house and batteries with it to run central air all night, it's still an academic research project...
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    What ever happened to nuclear? Very clean energy. And with today's technologies extremely safe. Guess Al Gore didn't invest in that. (rolls eyes)

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