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    All or nothing

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    300AAC/BLK AMMO lot or part

    Trying to unload any ammo Iím not likely to shoot and starting here. All purchased within the past 2 years and stored air tight and moderate temps.
    Checked ammoseek for prices and Iíll start there or lower and no tax or shipping with me, so here it is.
    Sorry, I donít sell ammo cans.

    Remington express 220gr open tip $18/box

    Fiocchi 150gr FMJ $25/box
    Buy two shrink wrapped together $45

    PNW 220gr.
    Remington UMC 220gr. $15/box

    I Live in Hammond and work nights in BR so Iím between the two along the I-12 corridor. PM here if interested.

    My total asking price for all shown is $292, if my math is correct. I would let the lot go for $275 to save me the running.
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