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    Large Collection of Long Guns

    Good day to you all, I have been a long time lurker on this forum, but this is my first for sale post here. I have a large collection of long guns that I need to sell off to fund a large unexpected expense. If you are at all interested in AR15 builds, Remington 700 rifles, AK's, MP5's, MPX builds, wood stock guns (Pre '64 Winchester mod 70 rifles and the like), and large caliber rifles, please let me know. I have to sell quite a few of these to pay for this expense, so anything I have is up for sale. The list is below and will be updated as they sell. I will also have a separate post up for pistols I have in my collection. Please make an offer. Prices as listed include all mentioned in the list including optics, etc. If you want to add or subtract something, the price will change as negotiated at that time. Not interested in trading at this time.

    AR15 build x 3, .223 wylde chambered, mid price builds, aftermarket triggers, etc $1000 per

    Remington 700 .223, threaded stainless bull barrel, Macmillan stock, USO 3.2-17x50 optic, optic can be sold separately. $2200

    Remington 700 .300 WM, Magpul stock, have several mags for it also. No optic at this time, can separate one from another rifle if interested at TOP, $600

    Pre '64 Winchester Model 70 rifles, both with original optics and leather slings, low round counts, good wood, one in .300 h&h, one in .30-06, asking $1500 per

    CZ Safari .458 WM rifle, $1000

    Barrett .338 Lapua MRAD, Khales custom optic, Atlas Bipod, mags, etc. Optic can be separated and sold with another rifle if needed. $7500

    AR15, .50 beowulf, EOTECH holo with Magnifier. I built this for hog hunting, and it does the trick well. $1500. Optic can be separated if desired.

    1918 Eddystone Rifle, $750, great wood condition, original bluing in good condition.

    MP5 kits, one is a Brethren arms kit, full size MP5, the other is an ADCO MP5K flat that has been welded by a smith, and has a barrel pressed in. Neither has ever been a rifle or a pistol, as I was unsure what I wanted to do with them. Selling as a parts kit, not a complete gun. Will need ONLY a trigger pack, and either end cap to make it a pistol, or a stock if you intend on SBR'ing these, and all the paperwork that entails. I will not sell completed kits, as I do not have all the parts to do so, this will be up to the buyer to complete. $2000 per unit.

    Enfield rifle, used as a hunting gun, Sporterized, $200, .303 british

    Bergara B14 6.5 creedmoore rifle, blackhawk bipod, USO 3.2-17x50 optic. $2200

    Polytech M14, .308, $1000

    I have several other rifles and shotguns I don't necessarily want to sell, but will if someone comes to take a look at what I have and wants something else. I have a ton of rounds for these rifles also, so if desired, can sell along with the rifle. If someone purchased a few, would be happy to make a package deal.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Great collection. You might consider Snipershide forum for selling the higher end optics.

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    I will definitely do that. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nifftyman View Post
    I will definitely do that. Thanks!
    And Upload More Pictures here as well

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    I am working on taking them, and will do so! Thank you for the feedback and advise.

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    Pm sent

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    Added additional photos. Posting the rest on this message as I cannot add more than 10 at a time.
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    On the M107A1, what muzzle device does it have?
    Is it set up for the QDL can, standard or QD for another can?
    Also, does it include factory accessories as purchased?

    Itís terrible that you are in a position where this sale is forced; I hope you and yours all the best.
    Thank you for your time.
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    It comes with the standard muzzle device, I thought about getting a suppressor for it a few times while at the range, but I decided to leave it be as I do not shoot it much. It comes with the factory accessories, 2 mags, etc. I have optics for it also, if someone desired to purchase one with it. I also appreciate the sentiment, medical bills suck some times, but we have to do what we have to do.

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