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Thread: "Ghost Guns"

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    I herd Ghost Gun & thought this kid built a pistol! On his own? The BS Flag came out. He took/stole the gun from a friend/family member. The Ghost Gun term had to come from Police PR dept. The police have gun registration records & the pistol, not the reporters( not yet). I bet someone in front of a press conference said Ghost Gun & press ran with it without asking what they meant. Unregistered, stolen, filed down S/S or 80% lower. In Cali it's all the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trailboss View Post
    One third of all guns seized in CA are "ghost guns"? I think there is some confusion in the definition of ghost guns. Of course, a good machinist can make a gun from scratch, but I think it's beyond the skills of most criminals.
    I find this hard to believe. They may mean that these guns have the serial numbers removed. It is my understanding that individuals can legally (in most states) build their own firearm as long as it is not sold or transferred to anyone else. I understand that it is not difficult to build a "ghost gun" from an 80 percent lower using a jig and a drill press or a router; however California (and possibly other states) requires that the builder obtain a serial number and have it engraved on the lower. The process appears to require some skill and a significant amount of work. I seriously doubt that criminals would be willing to go to the amount of effort required when they can simply steal a gun from someone else. You might take a look at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraut View Post
    I agree, I think they are playing fast and loose with the definition of the term "ghost gun." It list the Associated Press as contributing to the article, I'm thinking Fox just lazily repeated a lot of what was already there from the AP.

    Allowing "the other side" to control the language of the debate is bad ju-ju.

    ^^^^ this^^^^
    I also heard that type of language on one of the lefty news reports where they discussed ‘ghost gun’ being synonymous with any privately sold firearm (not recorded by a FFL). Maybe a ghost buyer? But the gun still has a serial number, so not a ghost gun. They know the word ghost still scares some people. We all know they use whatever language they want to fit their narrative. I’ve actually heard this more than once, although spread out over the years. It fits their agenda for requiring FFL and background checks for all private sales, which I think we will eventually start seeing on a state to state basis, just like the bans that are happening in certain states.

    Any of you remember that their ‘Gunshow Loophole’ supposedly meant that anyone could go buy a gun at a show with no background check or FFL? Yeah, private sale between 2 consenting adults that are attending, but they played it like everything on the tables was for sale without any record.
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