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    Shooting on Canal St,

    Mass shooting, Or gang related any info ?

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    The real info is most likely kept quiet or diffused into something other than what it is.
    Every year for the same festival there seems to be a shooting of some sort, or so I believe.
    The City officials love this festival and claim it brings tons of money to the City and economy.
    I worked in the service industry a long time ago and when this festival was new to the City.
    I can't agree that a festival that business owners in the French quarter would rather skip or close for, is that beneficial for the city.
    In the past there has been a relationship between out-of-towners and locals that has led to shootings. This may be very similar.

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    It was on the 700 block of Canal St in front of the McDonalds. That’s a popular spot for locals to hang out and show how tough they are, especially during big events that attract a lot of tourists.

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    Yearly Bayou Classic Violence

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    It was a feud between two parties. Not necessarily connected to the Bayou Classic. No fatalities.
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    Thread closing in 3..2..1
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    Don’t troll me bro!

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    Absolutely Bayou Classic related. 8 people shot, 2 in critical condition.
    Doesn’t play well with TROLLS...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedStickChick View Post
    It was a feud between two parties. Not necessarily connected to the Bayou Classic. No fatalities.
    They were both allegedly out of town parties... likely in town for BC.

    Could be unrelated, but most likely related.

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    Quote Originally Posted by machinedrummer View Post
    Thread closing in 3..2..1

    BC tied to BS? LOL

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    Hang on a minute

    Edit, Its the midget on the right.
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    Guy in the white hoody in front of Police SUV looks like he is packing....front right, 2:00 IWB, @ 6 sec mark.

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