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    45 LC in Smith and Wesson Revolvers

    I've been a fan of the Smith and Wesson revolvers for some time now, really they're all I shoot. I've always liked the 45 ACP, and I even have a 625 in 45ACP. I recently developed an infatuation with the 45 LC.

    What draws me to the LC is America, of course, but also the wide diversity of loads available for it. There are options for a 300+ grain round going 1300 feet per second. The problem is that the ammo manufacturers state specifically that these are for various Ruger models, and I just don't like Ruger revolvers.

    What do you reckon the hottest loads are you can safety shoot from a late model S&W N frame?

    How do you know the loads are getting a little hot for a particular revolver?

    The 44 magnum was built with the N frame in mind, and I know the cylinder walls may be a bit thin, but how do you know if you're pushing it too far without the gun exploding?


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    Load Data is published and available online.

    If the data is for Ruger Only, or T/C only, it is NOT safe for a Smith and Wesson.

    Do not begin with Max loads. Work up your loads slowly.

    The .45 Colt 'can' almost duplicate .44 Rem Mag loads in a Ruger Revolver, but not in a Smith and Wesson.

    If you want .44 Mag type velocities, buy a S&W Mod 29.
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    DBMJR1 is correct. There are several signs of over-pressure loads, but I wouldn't want to go that route after having shot such loads. Why chance ruining your S&W? Ruger makes fine firearms for heavy use.

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    Don't forget about the Gunpowder loadings too.

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    When I was really into this, I'm pretty sure I read about the Model 29 having some significant differences from the other N-frames like the Model 25. The N-frame was along long before the .44 Mag. The N-frame was modified to work with the higher pressure cartridge.
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    I shoot self-cast Lyman 250 Grain Lubed with Larry Larson's White Label Lube {red carnauba commercial red} in my Ruger Bisley Blackhawk.
    I like to shoot 45 Colt {no such animal as a Long Colt}
    Stick with Reak Colt loads not TC or Ruger and you are safe, for the S&W.
    Loads I use are:
    6.5 Red Dot
    5.2 Trail Boss
    6.0 Unique {hotter loads are up to 8.0}
    7.0 WW231

    7.0 WW231
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    I also shoot some great 45 full wadcutter that is 185 grain from a very old Lyman 452389.
    I was also able to get them to run in my Old Colt 1911
    I size to .452
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    Thank y'all for the input. The info on 45 "COLT" (rolls eyes) is helpful even if it's not what I wanted to hear.

    Now that I think about it, the first reference I heard of the 45 ACP in a revolver was the M1917, which was mainly a conversion from the old ones chambered in the Colt. My gunsmith tells me the 44 special was the first round for the N frame. Either way, its initial purpose wasn't for the stresses associated with 44 magnum loads.

    I have an old K frame Smith chambered in 357 that had a bit of frame stretch. I'd hate to do something like that to anything collectable.

    For real though, thanks


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    I also have a K Frame Model 19 that I got new I am careful not to hot load for it. And I no longer use WW296 and 125-grain bullets as have seen pictures and warnings of the damage it does to revolvers. It will mess up a K frames Forcing Cone
    Also, Let me see what I have and can send you some of both the 45acp and 45 250's to try. Just don't roll ya eyes at them
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    I learned the hard way about stretching the top strap on mod. 57s and 29s

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