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    If you bought downtown it was Steinbergs. Granberry was near Bon Marche’. Steinbergs later opened a location in Connell’s Park, where Conns is now. Sadly Steinbergs is gone now. But the family that had Steinbergs also had S&S Wholesale, which we now know as Lipsey’s.

    Steinbergs used to have an anti-tank weapon outside by the front door. They also sold military surplus. Oh I wish they were still around!

    And Norkauer Guns, and others....

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    It was Steinburgs downtown where I purchased a firearm in 1972.

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    Steinbergs was great. I bought several firearms from them. I bought the first handgun I ever purchased myself from the Bon Marche store. I was 18. It was a Blackhawk in .30 carbine. I wish that I still had it.

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    Steinbergs was downtown baton rouge on st.phillips street . also had a small store in Bon Marche mall (west side outside arm). Granbeerys was north of downtown across from G N GONZALES (motor cycles)on a side street ARBUTUS if my CRS will settle down.... ,
    ,,,,Also rumor has it that one of LIPSEY"s was one of PRESIDENT JOHN KENNEDY 's military escort that faitfull day in DALLAS ,TEXAS at the hospital guarding the body............................ drill sgt,
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