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    .219 Donaldson Wasp Highwall

    Picked up this old gun a few months ago for $1500. Its an old highwall action that I donít know much about. There is no serial numbers on it, just some patent numbers. What I do know is that it is chambered in .219 Donaldson Wasp Short with a 1-19 barrel twist. One the hammer is cocked the trigger can be pushed forward to set it to a much lighter pull. It has a Lyman Junior Targetspot scope that was originally mounted on it and I was given reloading does for it too. I havenít been able to shoot it at all because Iíve never been able to find brass for it.
    Anyone have any other information on this oddball that they might be able to add? Iíd love to learn more about it.
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    Most are made from 30-30 brass

    Looks like Dies are On Sale.

    From: Ideal Handbook #39, 1953. .219 Donaldson Wasp

    Lyman 225438 (43 gr)
    10.0 - 2400 - 2100 fps
    10.0 - IMR4227 - 2000
    8.5 - SR4759 - 1600
    10.0 - IMR4198 - 1800

    Lyman 225450 (47.5 gr) and Lyman 225415 (48 gr)
    10.0 - 2400 - 1885
    10.0 - IMR4227 - 1800
    13.5 - SR4759 - 2000
    10.0 - IMR4198 - 1625 fps

    Lyman 225462 (55 gr)
    10.0 - 2400 - 1645 fps
    11.5 - IMR4227 - 1810
    10.0 - SR4759 - 1475
    12.6 - IMR4198 - 1800 fps

    From: Ideal Handbook #38, 1951

    Lyman 225438 (43 gr) - 7.0 - IMR4227 - 1400 fps estimated
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    At the cost of $60.00 for 50 cases formed from 30-30 brass, I would form my own with this die and imperial sizing wax.
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    Thanks, that’s all good information. The brass from EBCO is for the Wasp long, not the Wasp short which is a 1/16* difference. But thanks for the lead on the forming dies, hopefully they will do the trick. I’d love to see how this thing shoots one day.

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    1st off there is nothing wrong with the site here at Bayoushooter I am going to post a link to a site that is loaded {no Pun Intended} with information on Case Forming{ {Fire Forming} As well as loading for Obsolete Weapons of all kinds.
    You will see how far some members there will go to make an old gun shoot again.
    There is a vast knowledge of from case forming, casting, lube making, paper patching and gun powder making the list goes on.
    The only downside is that most members are older and when they pass on they are the last of the Mohicans.
    So as time passes some of that great info is lost forever. Thankfully the internet has stepped up to save a good amount of it.
    The same goes for the site here as well.
    You better have a piture of ice tea or a pot of coffee ready and some time available.

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    If you do decide to form your own cases. I can hook you up with a hundred or so once fired 30-30 cases. Just pay the postage to your house.

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    I looked over the other site and you are right, it is absolutely full of information. I am definitely going to try to form some brass.

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    I've loaded for a few 30-30 wildcats, not a Donaldson Wasp though. Honestly, if you haven't done any case forming/wildcatting before, you might be better served to just go with a set of 50 cases from Eabco that already have the heavy forming already done and run them into the dies you have for the finial sizing, trim, and get your gun shooting. It's an antique single shot, probably not the rifle you're going to need hundreds of cases to go wear out prairie dog towns with. If you end up shooing it a lot and really get into it then look into a forming die and doing the whole process at that point.

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