I have a centerpoint crossbow sniper elite 370 for sale.

It was bought around May this year. It comes with the three bolts packaged with it that have frayed fins. It also comes with a crossbow approved target. Shot around 30-40 times if I had to guess which is the total amount it's been fired. received_2173654289387665.jpgreceived_570144840169233.jpgreceived_369108883672561.jpg

The price is $220 for everything. I will not drive. We will meet near Raceland (70394).

Only possibly trades are ammo in .223/5.56, 45acp, 40s&w 40 glock mags, 45 acp mags for a 1911 government model in retail value of around $300. No firearms trades.

If you have any questions post in this thread if you can. No lowballs on price. I'll lower the price in time when and if I see fit. I don't mind the dust collecting.