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    Dillon Square Deal B tip

    I was having primer feed issues on a regular basis. I suspected that a little extra weight on the rod that sits on top of the primers in the magazine could help. A piece of .45 brass fits perfectly on top. I havenít had a single issue since this modification.

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    I've used a SDB for over ten years. I've shot quit a bit over the years as I shoot in competitions. I had some problems over the year with the primer feed system. They've been either due to the plastic piece on the bottom of the primer magazine tube wearing out or the primer cup sitting a little proud. When cup begins to shift higher for me the problem manifested itself by the primers sitting upside down in the cup.

    You should be advised that the specifications from Dillon for how high the cup should sit will cause a problem. I learned this when I measured everything to put it back in spec. The technician told me to put the cup as low as I could on the bar before tightening it up. This makes it shorter than the specs from Dillon but I never had the problem again.

    Personally after I got the SDB to that spec and kept a good plastic tip on the bottom of the magazine I've not had to put a weight on the plastic magazine follower.

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    Good to know!

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