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Thread: Salami Match

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    Salami Match

    The annual (World?) Famous Salami match will be held next weekend on Sunday 12JAN2020 down in "da Parish" at the Saint Bernard Pistol and Rifle Range. This rifle match is for military bolt action rifles. Other rifles are allowed but prizes will be awarded for military bolt actions only. Course of fire is the National Match course - 50 shots for record with a ten minute sight in period at the beginning. The match will be fired at 100 or 200 yards (your choice) at the appropriate targets. $10 entry fee. Prizes pay 7 places - Big Salami, Big Cheese, Little Salami, Little Cheese, Big Weenie, Little Weenie, and Teenie Weenie. Firing begins at 0900 so get there early to register and set up your targets. If you have your own target frame/holder bring it. This is a walk and paste match so bring some black and white (or tan) pasters or tape. Targets provided.
    The Saint Bernard Pistol and Rifle Range is located behind Richards RV Park in Poydras, LA. The address is 350 Bayou Road, Poydras (Saint Bernard), LA 70085. Take the road adjacent to the RV Park back and over the railroad tracks to the range. 10MPH MAX PLEASE.
    So dust off your Springfield, Enfield, Schmidt Rubin, Arisaka, Carcano, Mauser, Mosin Nagant, Krag, whatever and give it some exercize next Sunday down in "da Parish".

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    Four more things: (1) The range has porta potties but no running water so bring your hand sanitizer. (2) Don't forget your staple gun and staples to attach your targets to your target frame. (3) Bring a big hammer or mallet to set your target frame securely. And (4) Waterproof shoes or boots advised if the match follows rainy days.

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    Hey I've been to this match for the last few years, it's a lot of fun to break out the old guns.... iron sights, recoil, and an 80 year old rifle that's still very effective.

    Republic of Louisiana

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    Let me know who got the Beanie Weenie award.
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