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Thread: OLD 45-70

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    OLD 45-70

    Looking for information/value on some old 45-70 I have laying around. It is about half W.R.A. and U.M.C the best I can tell is that it is turn of the century (20th) stuff. I am looking for some information but also a value... I am not an ammo collector and would rather pass it along (at a fair price)... So any little bit of information is appreciated. If I keep it the temptation to fire it in my Trapdoor grows...

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    I've got a few of those boxes in my vintage ammo collection. I think I gave maybe $25 or so for each box, and that included a complete box top as well.

    Unfortunately, 30-06 was produced in huge volumes and it's not tough ammo to find. If it was in one of the rarer calibers, prices could easily go into three figures.

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    Not looking to get rich.. Mainly looking for someone that collects these before I go and shoot them...

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