I haven't seen a post in here for a while so I figured I would post this for people who don't follow space news. Ove the weekend SpaceX did a in-flight abort test of their Crew Dragon module and it passed with flying colors. This is a huge milestone in getting crewed space flight back to the USA. Currently, in order to get astronauts to the ISS we have to buy seats on a Russain Soyuz rocket and it launches out of Russia. SpaceX and Boeing are in a race to see who can get astronauts to the ISS from here in the USA. So far SpaceX is in the lead with this in-flight abort test.This is an exciting time for space flight in the US.


Also if you are interested SpaceX is also currently working on StarHopper which will be a land and launch module for travel to the moon and possibly Mars. They are hoping to launch a suborbital prototype by the end of the year. Elon may be crazy but he is doing things for space flight not seen since the beginning of NASA.