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    Old Hunting Photos

    In the last few years I've developed a thing for looking at old hunting photos. Pre-50's stuff and really the older, the better. Especially from the 20's and 30's. I primarily like to see the firearms they were using, but also the game, clothes, dogs, vehicles, basically all of it. Especially if it's in Louisiana. I've always been a history nut. This is just the latest interest.

    Not many pictures of my grandfather when he was younger, and he passed just before I was born, which was some time ago. All I have are the stories. Here are the few (two) pictures I have, taken in Chackbay. My dad back in the 50's with a deer they took in the swamp and my grandfather in the 30's with his Walker hounds. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of my grandfather with his double barrel, though I have the gun. It was the only gun he had and he hunted everything with it to feed his family. He did have a 22 rifle to run his trap lines with.

    If you have old family pictures like this, I (for one) would enjoy seeing them.

    Sara mo ki kara ochiru

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    Long live the 10mm

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    I remember rabbit hunting in the 80's with my Grandfathers. They were great men and I miss them both dearly. I do not have any hunting pictures with them only fond memories. I have faith that I will see them again.

    The attached is a picture of my Great Grandfather on my dad's side. He passed away when I was 3.5 yrs old, but I remember counting school buses with him on his front porch in Baker, LA.. He was a patient and kind man.

    These were his favorite squirrel dogs.
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