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    Carry/Self Defense insurance

    I use to have a policy through an add on from Lockton Affinity for defense insurance, but I haven't had it in a few years. It was quite good being a 1mil/2mil policy that could be used against all expenses that came up in a self defense situation.

    I searched and I see this has not been discussed in a few years, and I was curious what people had. Right now non of the major options are speaking to me to pick them. US Law Shield and Firearms Legal protection are looking like some of the better, affordable options right now.

    I know some of the plans out there are prepaid legal service plans and not insurance, whichever it is doesn't bother me.

    Does anyone have a policy that they like?

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    I was with brand X until learning about US LawShield.

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    USCCA Self-Defense Shield and US LawShield simultaneously.

    It is not an issue having both. Both would work independent on any case if needed, and collaborate if necessary.
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